CHM Marine is a trading name of CHM Global LLC. The firm is a QFC registered LLc company, incorporated in Jan 2019. The firm is licensed to carryout business activities of providing services in relation to sea cargo vessels, Marine Warranty Surveys, including advisory / consulting / survey and loss adjusting.

CHM Marine also extends services on LNG vessel’s, tankers, dry cargo vessels, Insurance surveys, pre-shipment surveys, method statements, loading & unloading supervision, condition surveys and other services.

The team of young and qualified surveyor include Master Mariners, Marine Engineer, Naval architects and senior cargo surveyors.

The team is headed by Capt. Himanshu Marwaha, who has vast in shipping and Marine surveying, based in Qatar for more than 5 years in the Marine survey and loss adjusting activities.


Services offered:

  • Bulk cargo and Break-Bulk Cargo handling
  • Bunker Survey
  • Condition Survey
  • Cargo Loading / Unloading surveys
  • Cargo Claims
  • Container Inspections
  • Containerised Cargo Inspections
  • Cargo Sampling
  • Dispute Resolutions
  • Draft Survey
  • Flag State Inspections – Marshall Island
  • Final Product Inspections
  • Gas Free Inspections
  • H&M Surveys
  • Hatch cover Integrity
  • Hatch Sealing / Un-sealing
  • Incident Investigations
  • ISM / ISPS Audits (Internal)
  • Loss Adjusting
  • Loose gear inspection
  • Lashing Surveys
  • Measurement Surveys
  • Marine Warranty Surveys
  • Marine Consultancy
  • On-Hire / Off-Hire Condition Survey
  • P&I Surveys
  • Port & Terminal Matters
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Project cargo handling
  • Port Captaincy
  • Port Development
  • Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • Risk Assessment Surveys
  • Steel Surveys
  • Tanker Surveys – Quantity Survey by Standard ASTM Methods
  • Tally Services – Out turn Survey
  • Towage inspectionsy
  • Ultrasonic Hatch Testing
  • Vessel Superintendence
  • Vessel Re-fit coordinators
  • Vetting Preparations and Pre-vetting Inspections
  • Weighment witnessing
  • Yacht Surveys
  • Yacht Valuations

Reporting and investigation services on behalf of insurance companies or cargo interests, through to final claims and salvage process.

Identification between total and partial loss when salvaging can provide high value cost saving. Independent reporting on insurance claims assists in counter or cross claim proceedings.


Provides survey, inspection and supervision services of all petroleum and chemical cargoes, including pre-shipment inspections, quality and quantity surveys, along with vessel draft survey information and reporting.

Maintains product quality and ensuring product is not compromised during load or discharge phases. Inspection of ships tanks prior to discharge to determine quantity and to ascertain whether any shortages. Quality assurance as per regulatory standards is required at shore tank facilities. Such products: Petrocabons, orange juice, acid, other chemicals, molasses, tallow.


A determination of the type, quality and condition of steel/pipe being loaded.

Claims involving steel cargoes are frequent and the result is substantial in terms of claims/payments. Determining the pre-shipment condition of the cargo and subsequent clausing of the Bills of Lading is a very important part of protecting carrier's obligations.


Survey to provide the buyer with the necessary information to make objective and balanced decisions regarding the condition and operational capability of vessel prior to purchase.

Detailed survey providing extensive report of vessel condition. Additionally survey identifies if other risks need to be mitigated, i.e. are there any damages to the hull or engine that could result in a condition of class. Examination of records to determine fuel consumption v speed. Are there any major items of maintentenance that are due or close to being due. Does the ship comply with all international standards?Ensures buyer confidence and in depth understanding of asset pre acquisition.


Inspection undertaken on a vessel to give owner/operators independent insight into the performance and efficiencies of both vessel and crew.

Minimising environmental and commercial costs by identifying issues before they lead to major problems. Un-resolved works could lead to increased inspections by Port State Control authorities. The vessel may be blacklisted from terminals/ports if it doesn't comply with local and global regulations.


Stockpile surveying accurately measures the volume and weight of various cargo stockpiles, i.e. coal, grain, timber, etc.

Inventory is monitored more frequently and accurately. Lowers production costs by not overproducing materials. Allows greater visibility for accounting and auditing purposes.

P&I Club Surveys and Investigations:

With our expertise in the marine field, we can undertake P&I Club Surveys and Investigations which are essential to establish the exact cause of what has occurred, the extent of any damage including cause and resulting financial impact, and to determine potential recovery rights.

Cargo Loading / Lashing Surveys:

We conduct loading and lashing/securing supervisions and surveys on a wide range of vessels. Safe loading and seaworthy securing of all cargo is ensured as our experienced surveyors operate together with the ship’s crew and other concerned parties. The entire operation is methodically supervised and documented, certificates of approval issued and your interests will be addressed in the best manner.

General Cargo Discharge Surveys:

We conduct discharge monitoring and surveys to ensure safe unloading of cargo. The entire operation is methodically supervised and documented and your interests will be addressed in the best manner.

Damage Surveys:

We undertake Marine Damage Survey to assess the degree of the impairment sustained by the hull, rig, systems, or elsewhere on the vessel. The report presents information on the probable causes of the damage, recommendations on repairs, and estimates the costs for such work.

Hull & Machinery Claims and Investigations:

We undertake surveys in all kinds of damage, either hull or machinery related, on board deep sea vessels, floating installations, inland navigation vessels etc.

Incident Investigation:

Incident investigations are aimed to determine the cause or causes of an incident. Our specialists investigate incidents that result in death, serious injury, or a major pollution event.

Loss Adjusting (Marine Claims):

Our marine team offers loss adjusting alongside marine adjusting expertise in the cargo, ports and terminals.

Risk Surveying:

A professional team of surveyors determine the likely financial risk posed by offering insurance cover for personal items, properties or sites.

On/Off Hire Condition Surveys:

Our specialists conduct a complete survey of a vessel to determine its condition prior to it being placed On-Hire and a complete survey of a vessel to determine it’s condition prior to it being taken Off-Hire.

Vessel Condition Surveys:

Through vessel condition surveying our experts can determine the condition of any type of vessel whether it is sea going or not.

Draft and Bunker Surveys:

Our draft and bunker survey professionals impart professional quantity inspection services for clients. These experienced bunker fuel surveyors provide impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services.

Container Surveys:

We carry out inspection services for cargoes carried in containers, both FCL and LCL. Representatives of our company can perform inspections of container cargoes at all stages of transportation beginning with the loading of cargo into containers at shipper’s warehouse and ending with the delivery of cargo to a receiver.

Pleasure Craft, Safety, Structural and Damage Surveys:

We conduct structural condition survey and investigate the condition of a certain structural part, assess any damage and suggests applicable repair methods.

Pre purchase inspection and Insurance Condition Surveys:

We provide thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural and watertight integrity, system’s installations, and operating condition, including performance and issue a comprehensive report.


Survey to determine the condition of the cargo at both load and destination port. Carried out prior to loading or discharge. Potentially supporting insurance requirements and carriers' liability.

Verifying the quality, condition and quantity of each break bulk item on behalf of the owner/receiver. Recommendations are made with reference to loading, stowage and securing, to prevent damage to cargo and vessel.

Break Bulk - PSI

Pre-shipment visual inspection of existing inventory on behalf of buyer/seller or insurers, to verify that the goods conform to contractual specification and to international export regulations and requirements.

Can be completed at shippers yard, warehouse or wharf. To witness, inspect, monitor and supervise bulk cargo pre-loading, loading, sampling, sample preparation and testing for quality and specifications. Failure to have required standards may result in cargo commercial impacts being compromised for future on selling.

Bunker Sampling

The process of testing fuel samples taken from within vessels or tanks onboard vessels which must be compliant with MARPOL 73/78 the International Convention for the Prevention of Air Pollution from ships.

The sample is taken in the presence of the supplier and taken into a ratified container, locked and then sealed with a serial numbered, tamper evident seal. Samples are retained for future evidence as evidence in case of engine failure/damage.

Routine bunker sampling is required by commercial maritime law and compliance relies upon a representative sample. Sampling provides physical evidence of sample condition at time of bunkering in case of legal proceedings.

Cargo Lashing / Handlin / Logistics

The service of pre-planning cargo packing / handling and stowage before vessel arrival to optimise safe and timely operations.

Minimises risk of damage to cargo, vessel and life. Correct cargo lashing enables safer handling for all operational staff. Vessel utilization can be maximised by proper pre-planning. Tidal and un-expected air-drafts are considered as part of the pre-planning to avoid loss of time and additional loader movements.

Crane / Wire Inspection

Survey or inspection to ensure that the crane and wire are appropriate for use and compliant with statutory legal requirements. Inspections are in accordance with rules and regulations within the MO32 (Marine Order, Part 32).

Regular inspections help to minimise risk of lifting gear failure, with potential impact to vessel operational delays or risk of injury or accident to personnel or operating staff, and resultant cost

Draft Survey

Draft Survey is carried out on bulk shipments, and is an accepted means of determination of cargo loaded or discharged from a vessel, forming the basis for which commercial documents and payment are transacted.

Providing an independent verification of cargo loaded or discharged. Minimising risk of inaccurate mechanical weighing systems.


Inspection of ship holds and hatch covers to identify and verify the vessels' seaworthiness before cargo loading.

Leaking hatch covers are a major cause of cargo claims with water ingress the result of poor maintenance or failure to secure hatchcovers correctly. Identification of ineffective hatch covers and support with maintenance management plan minimises risk of cargo claim to operator.


Verification that the ship’s hold is ready to receive cargo and is completed in conjunction with hatch inspections. Hold damage impacts the owners' ability to charter out the vessel.

Identification of issues, proactive damage repair and operational process modification minimises long term impact.


Assesses the damage to the hold of a vessel after a sea voyage.

Hold Damage may be caused by number of means, including shifts in cargo, cargo liquification as a result of moisture content or by overloading cargoes etc. Hold damage impacts the owners' ability to charter out the vessel. Identification of issues, proactive damage repair and operational process modification minimises long term impact.


Inspection of Hull or Machinery to ascertain extent of damage following incident including details of potential cause, damage description, repair options and potential costs.

Detailed understanding of nature of damage, and operational impacts and limitations to vessel.


Supervise load/discharge operations in coordination with vessel and terminal to optimise stow, safety and load / discharge operations.

Recommendations are made with reference to load/discharge, stowage to optimise port call operations and to deliver safe operations.


Verification to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to avoid loss. Undertaken by a marine warranty surveyor (MWS), to the requirements of insurer. Survey typically includes review of vessel and equipment condition and approval of marine operations.

Surveyor makes all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the risks associated with the warranted operations are reduced to acceptable levels in accordance with industry best practice.


Attend on board to determine amount of bunkers on board at commencement or completion of a charter. To Inspect cargo holds and other structures for current condition and damages that are pre-existing at time of charter.

Independent verification of bunker levels so that an agreed value of bunkers passes from one party to another. To protect parties in event of damages to cargo holds or structure are sustained during period of charter.

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